An Introduction to ADHD Insider

By Caty Reid, VP of Marketing and Communications

ADHD Management

Welcome to ADHD Insider, a new blog series where I will share the intricacies of my personal challenges with ADHD– in hopes of giving airtime to those shadowy corners of ADHD that seem to evade public conversation. While I struggle with many of the most discussed challenges of ADHD, such as following a list of instructions from start to finish or controlling the impulse to interrupt someone while they are speaking so I can share my thoughts,1 I am deeply aware that I struggle with challenges I know are associated with ADHD but have little to no mention.

My hope would be that I can help unearth those shared aspects of living with ADHD that seldom see the light of discussion. However, this series is not just about sharing; it’s a bridge between personal revelation and clinical enlightenment. Working in partnership with the medical and scientific experts at Akili, I will include the clinical reasoning behind these experiences and hopefully some tools to navigate the challenges a bit better. While some of the experiences I share may not resonate with you and your individual journey, there may be subtle similarities or inspiration for new topics to explore given your own unique challenges. 

And, above all else, if you’ve ever felt alone in your struggles to understand all the fun and frustrating ways ADHD has manifested in your life, know that you are not alone. I am a professional in the ADHD treatment industry, surrounded by healthcare professionals, academic researchers, and cognitive scientists, and I am still on a long path of self-discovery with my own ADHD.

Fortunately, where I can help others is bridging my (downright chaotic and sometimes hilarious) personal experience with clinical research and expertise given my profession. Sharing trials and tribulations can help create connection even without education or solutions posed but a common theme persistent for adults with ADHD is the lack of resources. Those of us living our life with ADHD deserve a crew and a compass; I hope this ship metaphor got us off to the right start! Now jump on board. 

About the Author

  • Caty Reid’s career has been characterized by her unique blend of consumer and healthcare marketing expertise, requiring her to routinely weave complex and verbose medical concepts into digestible and user-friendly consumer content. Through her love of writing and her unwavering commitment to improving lives, she has consistently excelled in navigating the complexities of the healthcare landscape, bridging the gap between innovative technologies and the needs of consumers. Her passion for writing for the ADHD community, and those interested in better understanding their condition and their options, goes well beyond professional expertise; Caty has also been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and has been on a personal & professional journey to help uncover the unknowns and crush the stigma(s) of adult ADHD.