Our Mission

Akili, the maker of EndeavorOTC, is driven by the belief that there is an urgent need for new ways to treat attention disorders. This has never been truer than now, as we face a significant stimulant shortage and an increase in ADHD diagnosis rates. As this crisis continues to affect millions, Akili has gone to work, and our mission has become clearer: make our innovative treatment for ADHD, focus, and attention more accessible to more people.

So we released EndeavorOTC, which is built with the same technology as our FDA-authorized pediatric Rx product, and unlocked access for adults without requiring a prescription. Now, adults who struggle with ADHD, focus, attention, and distraction can purchase the benefits of our video game treatment conveniently. And, what’s more, the treatment has been shown to significantly improve focus and quality of life in adults through a recent clinical trial. No serious side effects were reported.

Our first priority with EndeavorOTC was immediacy – that’s why we’re offering it at a reduced price. And, as we continue to learn from our users, we will evolve the treatment. This is yet another benefit to digital medicine – it learns with you and from you, and we will use these learnings to constantly refine the treatment gameplay experience.

This is just another step in Akili’s continued efforts to expand the way we treat ADHD and attention issues. Join us as we trailblaze new treatment approaches to a drug-driven market.

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