Improve your focus, game changing results

EndeavorOTC is the only FDA-authorized digital therapeutic for ADHD available without a prescription.

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Improve your focus, improve your life

In a clinical study of EndeavorOTC, 73% of participants reported quality of life improvements1,3, including:

  • 60% were better able to complete projects on time1,3
  • 78% reported increased productivity1,3
  • 54% were better able to keep track of important items such as their keys and wallet1,3
  • 50% were better able to pay attention when interacting with others1,3

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Get Focused or Your Money Back

Results matter. And, we know EndeavorOTC is an effective adult ADHD treatment to improve attention. If you play EndeavorOTC for 6 weeks, 70+ minutes a week, and don’t see improvement in attention, we’ll give you your money back.*

FSA/HSA Eligible

Introducing Focus Score

The new personalized attention metric: Focus Score. Designed to easily track improvements in your focus. Those that finished our adult clinical trial with higher Focus Scores were more likely to see greater improvements in real-world ADHD-related symptoms.*

So how does it work? You'll get an initial Focus Score ranging from 0-100 and a projected target that should be achievable in ~6 weeks with consistent gameplay. Your target Focus Score represents where you are likely to see meaningful improvements in ADHD-related symptoms!

Hit your projected target? Amazing! Maintain or keep going from here - the vast majority of users will still have room to improve beyond their initial target.

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* As measured by an improvement ≥ 1.4 on the TOVA® ACS. Changes in the Focus Score are statistically significantly related to changes in TOVA and other outcomes. Treatment results may vary.

Find your focus with a lasting impact

83% of participants saw clinical improvements in their ability to focus.1

  • Improve Focus

    You’ll be challenged to complete tasks and filter out distractions. These challenges build muscles to improve focus.

  • Fit into Your Life

    The mobile video game format allows you to strengthen your attention skills and play on your own schedule.

  • Personalized Experience

    EndeavorOTC adapts to your abilities in real time to keep you challenged. In short, the game reacts to what you need so you - and your focus - improve.

  • See Lasting Impact

    You’ll better manage distractions, improve attention, and cognitive function.1,2

There were no lasting or serious side effects in any clinical trials for EndeavorOTC.

A more focused you is in reach.

  • After 6 weeks, EndeavorOTC had a major impact on my life and in my work as a teacher. I learned to eliminate distractions, stay focused, and accomplish my goals. I’ve taken on bigger responsibilities that require fast-paced decision-making and clear thinking. I’m extremely proud of myself for doing them on my own with zero mistakes. That’s a first in my life.

    * Sponsored. Actual user, results may vary. See IFU for use and safety information.

  • This game has changed my life; it’s given me the gift of a quiet mind which is not something I thought I’d receive in this lifetime. After 2 months of gameplay, it’s a full time reality for me, and I’m more able to focus and be present than ever.

    * Actual user, results may vary. See IFU for use and safety information.

  • I have noticed an immediate and very noticeable improvement since Day 1 - observed from my and my partner’s POV. I have also seen a gradual improvement each day afterwards and can tell when I haven’t done it in a couple of days. It’s not that not doing the game makes my attention worse as much as doing it makes me feel so much more focused and productive.

    * Actual user, results may vary. See IFU for use and safety information.

  • Playing it almost every day since June and notice great results. I’m in my late sixties and sometimes my short term recall fails me. EndeavorOTC has really helped in that regard. I’m also less distractable while working. This is an excellent way to keep an aging brain sharp.

    * Actual user, results may vary. See IFU for use and safety information.

  • After using EndeavorOTC, I noticed I was feeling more focused and could finish my tasks around the house in less time. This treatment seems to provide the focus I need on a daily basis and I don’t have to worry about side effects like I do with my medication. I feel EndeavorOTC is a major breakthrough in the treatment of ADHD.

    * Actual user, results may vary. See IFU for use and safety information.

How EndeavorOTC
improves focus

The game adapts to your skill-level: as you get better, it gets harder to both target and navigate. This is key to improving your focus.

For best results from EndeavorOTC

Playing EndeavorOTC can fit into your daily routine. The more you play, the better your results.

1st “Dose”:

6 Weeks
Take a Break:

1 Week
2nd “Dose”:

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6 Weeks
Repeat icon

By design, the game feels challenging.
You can take a recovery between doses to recharge without losing progress!

Designed with patented, FDA-authorized technology.

EndeavorOTC is built with the technology behind EndeavorRx,
the world's first FDA-authorized prescription video game treatment for pediatric ADHD.

Learn more about EndeavorOTC’s Mission, and the maker of both treatments, Akili

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