Why Does EndeavorOTC Cost Money?

By Matthew Scult, PhD

ADHD Management

ADHD treatment with EndeavorOTC may look and feel like a video game, so we often get the question, is there a free version? Or why does it cost so much? The reason we charge for EndeavorOTC is a bit more complex than you may think. 

While there are free versions of many video games, EndeavorOTC is not just a video game–it is a clinically-validated treatment for ADHD. EndeavorOTC was designed with the technology behind EndeavorRx (for ages 8-17), which is authorized by the FDA, and there are 10 years of time-intensive scientific research and regulatory work conducted by neuroscientists and clinicians that went into the product that you see today. Part of the cost is accounting for the time that went into development (similar to the process that a medication goes through in development and approval) as well as the cost of ongoing development to ensure the treatment continues to deliver desired results.

It’s also important to consider that few free versions of commercial video games or tools are truly “free.” Many free digital tools have advertisements, and are able to sell your data to other companies.

We keep EndeavorOTC ad free because the quality of the treatment is of the utmost importance, and we don’t want to distract you during that experience. Since this is a treatment, we take data protection and security very seriously, with a commitment to keeping your personal data confidential.

Despite our costs to maintain these quality standards, we strive to keep consumer costs low. Studies have estimated the cost of stimulant medications range from $2,596-$3,896 per year (adjusted for 2023 dollars), and that behavioral therapies range from $10,746-$12,180 per year (adjusted for 2023 dollars). In contrast, the cost of EndeavorOTC is $129.99 for an annual subscription. In addition it has a low-risk safety profile, high levels of quality control, and access to the treatment whenever you need, which you don’t get with other treatments.

We get it—it can feel frustrating that something that looks like a game costs money, especially when so many entertainment games are free. But remember, this isn’t just a game. It’s a treatment supported by rigorous clinical research and maintained with ongoing research. The investment you make in EndeavorOTC is an investment in quality, privacy, and innovative technology—and ultimately, in your own health.